Duration: 2018-2019

Title: Count Me In

Donor: Global Fund


Youth LEAD, Y+ and Youth RISE have successfully bid the Global Fund (GF) Community Rights and Gender (CRG) Special Initiative grant for 2017-2019: Component 2- Strengthening the Capacity of Key Populations Networks to Meaningfully Engage in Global Fund Related Processes (the “Project”) on 5 June 2017.  Hence this project is named “Count Me In”. Count Me In demands for the meaningful engagement of young key populations in the processes of the Global Fund at national and global level. This project is implemented in Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Project Objectives:

The aim of the program is to create an enabling and empowering environment in the selected countries to enhance the engagement of young key populations in the Global Fund processes at country level, with following specific objectives:

  1. Strengthen global, regional and national networks of young key populations and those living with HIV, to effectively engage and influence the Global Fund and related processes in the whole grant cycle.
  2. Develop the capacity of young leaders to champion the Global Fund advocacy and to effectively ensure the voice of young people at the national HIV response.
  3. Strengthen technical capacity of young people to contribute and advocate for youth friendly programming within the Global Fund grant.

Activities implemented by Youth RISE:

  1. In-country capacity development trainings on Global Fund to engage in the Funding request development process: conducted in Georgia (23-25 May 2018)
  2. Follow up advocacy activities: Small Grant to Pakistan and Indonesia (grant transferred this month)

Planned activities till 2019:

  1. Engagement in the implementation of the GF grant and enhance accountability mechanism in Asia and the Pacific: Planning for Training in Ukraine (5-6 October 2018)
  2. Evidence generation for advocacy in Georgia (date not fixed yet)
  3. Follow up advocacy activities: Small Grant to Georgia and Ukraine (2019)

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