Privacy policy


I give consent to and give Youth RISE, a youth led organisation advocating for better drug policies, established 3 August, 2011, company number 7727445 permission to use the subject matter described below (the “Subject Matter”) for the intended use as described below (the “Intended Use”).

Subject Matter

For purposes of this Release, the “Subject Matter” will mean: my name, country of birth and residence, information about my employment and political views expressed in the answers to questions below, as well as any other information I will submit as my CV (if requested) for the purposes of recruitment to International Working Group of Youth RISE .

Intended Use

For purposes of this Release, the “Intended Use” shall include: review of the information I submit by filling in the IWG application form by Youth RISE International Coordinator, IWG members and the Board. The personal data submitted will be kept in Youth RISE data base for 60 days and be deleted afterwards.

No Remuneration

I acknowledge and understand that I will not receive any compensation or remuneration of any kind in exchange for such use of the Subject Matter.

Release of Claims

I hereby release Youth RISE, their representatives, agents and assigns from any and all claims which I may have or may arise out of or are in any way connected with the Intended Use of the Subject Matter.

Copy of data

I understand that I have a right to ask for a copy of the data I submit within the 30 days after submission. The data will be removed from Youth RISE data base in 60 days after submission. I understand that I have other basic rights in the field of data protection (see complete list of rights);


I understand that I may revoke my consent at any time after 30 (thirty) days written notice to Youth RISE that I no longer wish to be subject to this Consent and Release; provided however, that my Release of Claims will survive with respect to any Intended Use by Youth RISE or their representatives, agents and assigns, of the Subject Matter during the period prior to my revocation.

Prohibited Use

Use of the Subject Matter for purposes other than those described above is hereby prohibited. The transfer of the Subject matter by Youth RISE or their agents or representatives to third parties for marketing or any other purposes is also hereby prohibited.

Right to Complaint

I understand that I have a right to lodge a complaint with a Data Protection Authority (DPA) if my rights are violated.