Job Title: Project Manager (Harm Reduction Consortium)
Salary: 2,000 USD per month
Reports to: Executive Director

The Harm Reduction Consortium comprises nine organizations and is led by the
International Drug Policy Consortium. The Consortium began a new three-year cycle of
funding from the Robert Carr Civil Society Network Fund for activities in early 2022. The Project Manager will support the writing of 2023’s budget and implement the remainder of activities scheduled for 2022 under this grant.

Timeframe and Budget: 

  • This position will run from October 17th to December 31st, and upon review and approval will be renewed for a following year.
  • The remaining salary (consultancy fee) left for this position for 2022 is 5,000 USD, and upon approval to continue in this position in 2023, the annual salary (annual consultancy fee) would be 20,000 USD.

Essential Criteria:
● A good understanding of Youth RISE’s work;
● Experience working in an online setting;
● Solution focused;
● Demonstrated project management experience;
● Extensive knowledge and experience working or volunteering in drug policy
● Extensive knowledge of the various intersectional needs of young people who use
drugs and other inadequately served populations;
● Non judgemental attitude towards stigmatised and marginalised populations;
● High level of cultural competence, knowledge and understanding;
● Good command of the English language;
● Demonstrated skills working both independently and as part of a team.

Preferred Criteria:
● Lived experience as a young person who uses and/or injects drugs

● Oversee, monitor and evaluate the Harm Reduction Consortium project in liaison with the
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer;
● Submit monthly reports to the Executive Director and attend regular supervision
● Organize and produce communications materials in liaison with the Communications
● Complete all reporting requirements as set out by the Robert Carr Fund and the
Consortium Lead;
● Engage in fundraising activities to ensure the financial sustainability of the
● Complete all activities as outlined in the existing budget for the RCF Main Grant funding;
● Ensure all necessary documents, such as invoices and reports, are received from
consultants and sub-grantees;
● Create and maintain a detailed workplan for the year and ensure International
Working Group members are informed about the workplan and upcoming activities;
● Engage with Consortium partners and other relevant partners and stakeholders
regularly and effectively around all aspects of the grant projects;
● Attend Youth RISE monthly team meetings to present ongoing work and progress to
the International Working Group;
● Work as part of Youth RISE’s Senior Management Team and contribute to the
running of the organization as necessary.

Please send a CV and Cover Letter to by Monday the 26th of
September to apply to this position. Please include Project Manager (Harm Reduction
Consortium) in the subject field.