Content Warning: Rape

The Women and Harm Reduction International Network, in conjunction with EuroNPUD, organized 16 days of action, which Youth RISE members participated in, from the 25th of November to the 10th of December. Members of Young Wave in Lithuania highlighted the issues facing Women who use drugs in their country. Mothers who use drugs may be faced with no other choice than to seek treatment for fear of losing their children. Women are regularly verbally, physically and sexually abused by police as well as having to perform sexual acts in exchange for the drugs themselves from drug dealers.

Youth RISE Nigeria shared experiences of women who use drugs. One woman described how she was coming home from a party and was stopped by five police officers. The police officers could smell marijuana and forcibly searched her purse for this. They then confiscated the money in her purse and when she protested the police officers beat and raped her.

In Barcelona, Youth RISE members were involved in activities over a number of says with Metzineres and Xadud, There were a number of talks held on the rights of homeless women as well as sex workers. On the 25th of November a March to Eliminate Violence Against Women was held. WHRIN and EuroNPUD materials were distributed along with orange helium balloons asking people to write messages related to harm reduction and about the patriarchy enabling violence against women who use drugs. There was also performances from Mera Mera and other feminist rap groups.