Duration: 2016 – 2018

Groups: Harm Reduction Consortium (IDPC, HRI, Youth RISE, MENAHRA, EHRN, EuroNPUD, ENPUD)

Title: Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy for Critical Enablers of the HIV Response for People Who Use Drugs

Donor: Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund


Youth RISE, as a member of Harm Reduction Consortium, implemented a 3-year activities round. The activities implemented and their results could be split into the following categories:

  1.    Strengthening civil society of young people who use drugs around the world.

– New youth groups to advocate for harm reduction and drug policy change were established in Czech, Lithuania, Nepal

– Representatives from Czech youth groups were trained on advocacy, harm reduction and leadership

– Cooperation with other youth organisations working in drug policy and harm reduction field was actively developed by participating in meetings organised by SSDP

– Youth RISE was also part of international meeting of young people working in the field of drug policy where a global youth coalition called Paradigma was established.

  1.    Representing young people who use drugs on regional and international drug policy arena.

– Representatives of Youth RISE network continuously voiced their perspective on drug policy and harm reduction issues at multiple international conferences and events, such as UNGASS, CND, AIDS conferences, Law Enforcement and Public Health conference, and the European Harm Reduction Network Conference

– Youth RISE coordinator became a youth representative at Civil Society Task Force

  1.    Developing relationship with other stakeholders in drug policy and public health.

– 2018 was declared a Law Enforcement and Young People Who Use Drugs year, during which activities in Youth RISE network focused on building relationship with law enforcement. Workshops, public forums and dialogues with law enforcement were held in Czech, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Lithuania, Nepal and Pakistan

– Participation of our members in international workshops – on monitoring and evaluation in Estonia 2017, visit in Rome at the Villa Maraini program

– Participation at the Planet Youth workshop organised in June 2018 in Iceland

  1.    Creating Resources to promote drug policy change and best practices in harm reduction, such as:

– Translating into Spanish the YouthRISE Peer Education Guide

– Translating, publishing and widely distributing “Universe of drugs” poster as educational material, with more than 400 copies spread in Czech, Mexico and around the world

– Creating a video on substance analysis, nightlife harm reduction, and the dark-net in Ireland

– Creating videos of different perspectives of Czech stakeholders and experts on drug checking and a complete record of the public debate on the topic in the “Drug Czeching” event organised by Youth RISE

– Creating a video in Lithuania on law enforcement practices in the environment of criminalisation

– Developing guidelines on young people who use drugs and law enforcement’s work. The guidelines were presented in the 4th Law Enforcement and Public Health conference

– Carrying out a research on the provision of health services for people who use drugs and people who have HIV in Ghana and Kenya

– Translating the Global Drug Survey