The Harm Reduction Consortium is a global coalition of seven independent organizations, including Youth RISE, which exists to end the global war on drugs and to promote access to services which uphold the health and human rights of people who use drugs. In order to upskill the consortium members and partners to engage effectively with the media, as well as improving their overall communications skills the consortium is seeking to appoint an experienced individual or organization to provide training and coaching in communications, crisis management, and media engagement.

The Harm Reduction Consortium members have a compelling message and story to tell: the global war on drugs is having disastrous consequences all around the world. But we are not doing this as effectively and proactively as we would like. We are therefore seeking to build confidence and capacity among the Consortium members and selected key partners in the areas of communication best practices, public speaking, media engagement, crisis management and communications, effective social media presence and message framing for different audiences.

We are looking for individuals or organisations that can provide high quality communications, messaging and media coaching to the Consortium members in order to deliver our messages convincingly and impactfully.

To apply and for more information, please visit the IDPC website and send your application by Sunday the 11th of August.