Isaac Olushola

Isaac Olushola

Global Fund Project Manager


Country: Nigeria

About Isaac Olushola

Isaac has professional and academic background in Public Health, coupled with his extensive experience in drug policy reform advocacy and contextual harm reduction in the African setting. He has a commitment to bringing justice to health and providing equitable access to healthcare for marginalized and vulnerable populations, including people who use drugs, refugees, and young people.

Furthermore, Isaac’s achievements as an early career researcher with over 30 research publications in international peer-reviewed journals demonstrate his expertise and contribution to the knowledge base in public health and drug policy. His passion for unifying public health, human rights, and harm reduction reflects his understanding of the interconnectedness of these important areas and their role in creating a healthier and more just society.

With Isaac’s background, skills, and passion, he is well-positioned to drive positive change, advocate for evidence-based policies, and promote the well-being of marginalized populations. His dedication to promoting health equity and addressing the specific needs of vulnerable communities will undoubtedly contribute to advancing the field of public health and drug policy reform.