In the framework of the International Overdose Awareness Day, YouthRISE conducted an interview in collaboration with Narcan Finder, a wonderful project developed in the United States. The Hurst Internet Marketing team joined forces to create the software, and today they help families and friends to prevent risk scenarios and to take care of their loved ones, by giving them the possibility to access Narcan at very low cost or even for free.

We interviewed Mike Hurst, who initially told us:

“I have been working in the field of recovery for over 15 years and while the opioid epidemic has been devastating, the development of Narcan has been a huge step toward reducing overdoses, so me and my team at Hurst Internet Marketing created this directory so we  could get this life-saving antidote into the hands of those who need it”.

Before we start narrowing down this wonderful initiative, let’s clarify some basic concepts:

What is Narcan?

Narcan is a nasal spray that can quickly reverse an overdose and is credited for saving tens of thousands of lives.  It is as simple as spraying Afrin into someone nose when they exhibit the signs of an overdose (being non-responsive, slowed or stop breathing, discolored lips or fingernails).  

Narcan is the most common brand name for the drug known as naloxone. Most people refer to any brand of naloxone as Narcan, similar to how people refer to any tissue as Kleenex (a brand name).  There are newer formulations of Narcan with brand names Kloxxado, Zimhi, and BRIXADI that may even be more effective due to higher doses of naloxone.

Where can I get Narcan? How much will it cost?

Narcan has been cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sale and is becoming widely available in pharmacies across the U.S., but can cost $25 (or more) per dose. Narcan is frequently made available for little or no cost. 

Visit for low-cost and no-cost naloxone resources.  Call or visit your pharmacy and/or your insurance provider for more information.   Your doctor and insurance provider may also be of assistance!

In regards to the Narcan Finder website as well as the steps to help someone in need, Mike had some interesting information to share with us: 

What is the Narcan Finder Resource?

The Narcan Finder website connects people to low-cost or no-cost Narcan. I made it with a few friends who volunteered because we have seen how this medication can “bring people back from the dead,” and while it is becoming more available, the cost can be prohibitive many ($25 or higher for a Narcan cartridge).  

We noticed that a lot of progressive organizations were getting Narcan into the hand of vulnerable people free of charge, and we wanted to create a resource to support this. 

Why is the Narcan Finder Resource important?

We feel that eventually Narcan will be as widely available as fire extinguishers, but in the coming months (or years) until that becomes a reality, we want to help people get it.

Can you please share with us some tips on how to use Narcan?

We created a guide on our website here!

In short, first learn the signs of overdose:

  • Have difficulty breathing
  • There may be a gurgling sound.
  • May be unconscious or unresponsive
  • They may look waxy or blue — especially on the lips and around the nose

Call 911 first, then spray the Narcan into the person’s nostrils.  Then, position their body so they are laying on their side.

Who Should Carry Narcan?

We are asking everyone to carry Narcan and keep it in places like their car and purse.  

However, the demographic we think who can make the biggest difference with this antidote are teenagers and young adults, especially those who might encounter others who have been taking drugs (think dorms, concerts, parties).

Don’t want to talk to your teen about opioid overdose?  There are 300 families each day who will never get a chance to do so.  Narcan can be a way for both you and your teen to spread awareness and make a difference!

Why Everyone Should Take the Time to Get Narcan Today?

Accidental overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans 18 to 45 (per Families Against Fentanyl).  Per the CDC, over 80% of overdose deaths are attributed to illicit fentanyl. The entire illicit drug supply is contaminated with potent and deadly opioids.