Youth RISE is a network of young people from around the world working in harm reduction and drug policy reform advocacy. Youth RISE mobilises youth to be engaged in Full Spectrum Harm Reduction and drug policy reform to promote health and human rights. We envision a world where young people who use drugs are valued, active partners in the political process on local, regional, and international levels.

Youth RISE Academy was a project developed during the previous 3 year grant cycle of the Robert Carr Fund from 2019 – 2022. It consisted of various topics of interest to young people who use drugs and/or young people engaged in drug policy reform and harm reduction that were translated into 10 different languages so that they could learn in a virtual way and then test their knowledge through a website created specifically for the project,

Unfortunately, this great project, in which several of the current and former International Working Group Members actively participated, translating and piloting the content, could no longer be supported due to problems with the website. Because we do not want to lose the great value of the content of the e-learning course nor all the time and work invested by our IWGs, that is why we have decided to resume the content but improve it, as it was identified that the content was not context specific, as drug use and policies are different all around the world, whereas the current content is general and universal.

In order to do this, we are looking to review and adapt the content of five topics that have already been translated to regional and/or national contexts, giving them all the richness and specificity of those who live in and know each setting.


In a globalised world where knowledge or solutions to problems are imported regardless of context, it is important for success to be able to make resources contextually meaningful, accurate and understandable for the language, the region and the targeted population.

The focus of the project is to go from the general knowledge of each topic to the particularity of each region/country by means of local advocates who can contextualise the universal content already translated. 

Objectives of this project:

  • Adapt the contents of the five modules available (Models of Drug Use, Drugs and their Effects, Routes of Administration, Drug Related Emergencies and Harm Reduction) to the world regions and countries of the languages in which they are translated: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Nepali, Russian, Swahili and Urdu;
  • To have a final product that is more accurate, understandable and specific so that the targeted population can have a more genuine and effective learning experience. 

Scope of work:

Currently, we already have International Working Group members working on the contextualisation in Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Nepali and Urdu so we are actively looking for people who can contextualise in the remaining languages: Swahili, Russian and Hindi.

Description of activities:

Youth RISE is looking for passionate advocates who can speak Swahili, Hindi or Russian and are interested in contextualising the content of the e-learning modules in their own region/ country. The project is already divided by language and has the content of the five modules so that the local consultant can contextualise them.

  1. Review and adapt the content already translated into Hindi, Russian or Swahili to make it more reliable and accurate for each context;
  2. Where necessary, give accurate examples, provide a more reliable translation, amend unclear details for that specific context;
  3. Write a brief report mentioning/indicating the implemented changes in the content, with references;
  4. Deliver the report and the final version of the five modules to Youth RISE management for its revision and future publication and promotion.

Timeframe and Budget: 

  • This is a consultant contract and the ‘consultancy fee’ is $400 USD in total for the contextualization of the five modules in each of the languages. For example, the five modules translated into Russian will be remunerated with 400 USD.
  • The finalised tasks are expected to be delivered before December 1st 2023.

Application process:

Applications must be submitted by email to, copying in, with the Subject Line “Contextualization of Youth RISE Academy in [language of interest]”. All applicants are required to send CV and Cover Letter by September 20th 23:59 (GMT). Successful applicants will then be notified.