This project aims at filling in the vacuum that surrounds young drug users and supporting them in the challenges that they face in becoming free from militia abuses, in helping them join the harm reduction movement, and in developing youth-friendly resources and services. The first phase of the project will assess the impact of the current militia practice on young drug users. To do this, the Youth RISE team has developed a standardized survey  that has beentranslated into Russian and contextualized for Kyrgyzstan to expore the issues. At least 30 young people who use drugs will be interviewed and we will compile a selection of young drug users’ stories with which to further advocate for services and recognition of rights. The stories will be collected as a video that will be presented before government officials (Ministry of Interior Affairs, Agency on Drugs Control, international donor organizations, and other stakeholders).

As part of this project, Youth RISE has supported the creation of Ganesha, a youth-led organisation to develop stronger drug user rights in the region which we hope will have a long future in protecting the rights of young people throughout the region.


  •     Mobilize and empower young drug users to act as agents of change in the area of drug policy
  •     Assess the impact of drug policy and militia practices on young drug users
  •     Draw government’s and donors’ attention to the gaps in youth-friendly harm reduction services and provoke research around the needs of young drug users

The main contact for this project is Youth RISE’s IWG member Renata Bayazitova (Kyrgyzstan) –