Ishwor Maharjan

Young activist promoting harm reduction initiatives which values health and human rights of drug users in Nepal through peer led organization called Aavash Samuha and national networks called CDUN(collation of drug users of nepal) and YKAP Nepal( network of young key affected population of Nepal).He is also one of the National focal point of Youth LEAD (A regional HIV network of young key populations in the Asia-Pacific Region). He recently got a Bachelor’s degree and currently studying for Master’s Degree in Tribhuvan University.

Since 2011, Maharjan have been advocating for the gender equality and needs and rights of young drug users and also directly working with young key population and non-governmental organizations which works with Drug Users and PLHIVs by providing comprehensive services and information like Oral substitution Therapy, Needle Syringe Exchange Programs, Crisis Care Center and Treatment and Rehabilitation.