Who we are


Morgana Daniele is a drug policy and human rights activist from Lithuania. Her expertise is in
community mobilization, harm reduction services and education, and advocacy for drug policy
reform. Morgana also publishes blogs, press releases and articles on harm reduction and drug
policy issues. Her academic background is politics and her true passion is civil society
E-mail: morgana@youthrise.org

Eva Césarová is a young activist from Czech Republic who is involved in various activities related to drug policy, harm reduction and psychedelics. She studied Marketing Communications and Film Production and is currently studying Addictology at the Faculty of Medicine in Prague. She is one of the co-founders of the Czech Psychedelic Society where she is currently the guarantee of external affairs. She is also one of the organizers of Beyond Psychedelics 2016 and 2018 conferences.
E-mail: eva@youthrise.org

Brun is a young Mexican activist who has been involved in harm reduction since 2009. He is currently the Harm Reduction Program Coordinator of the youth-led Mexican-based organization Espolea and works as a peer educator within the youth institute of Mexico City developing peer-led campaigns on harm reduction and drug policy reform. Brun has been involved in the creation of several projects and initiatives both for injected and non-injected substance use like the Substance Analysis Program (P.A.S.) and the nightlife interventions that are being implemented in Mexico and other countries of the region, as well as educational resources like the massive Spanish-based database on psychoactive substances The Universe of Drugs.
He also is behind the notorious campaign whose face is a puppet called Lugo which talks about harm reduction for younger audiences throughout the internet. Brun is also part of different regional and international networks such as Youth Rise, Mind Surf, the (Nightlife) Harm Reduction Network of the Americas and he is currently the regional representative of the Latin American Network of People who Uses Drugs (LANPUD) for the board of the International Network of People who Uses Drugs (INPUD). Continue reading about Brun González

was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and started using drugs at the age of 15 while studying in class ten. She has been working in Nepal for the past five years in the fields of drug treatment, harm reduction, and HIV & AIDS. She is focused on youth and female using/injecting drug users (FIDU), a very marginalized and voiceless part of Nepali society. She works as a Program Officer of female wings at AAFNO Nepal (a community-led organization of young people who use drugs and live with HIV) drug treatment and HIV. She is also interested in sexual and reproductive health care, as well advocacy. She advocates for the necessary reforms of youth friendly right-based drug policy and to promote and works to defend the rights of young people and FIDUs at the local, district and national level.

Florian is a Community Integration Officer with Depaul Ireland,  a Deputy Director of Help Not Harm and a co-founder of SSDP Ireland.  He has represented Youth RISE to the Irish Department of Health, Department of Justice, Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Permanent Representative to the United Nations.  He is currently undertaking a PhD in ‘NPS Injecting in Ireland: practices, health implications and service utilization’.
E-mail: florian@youthrise.org

Young activist promoting harm reduction initiatives which values health and human rights of drug users in Nepal through peer led organization called Aavash Samuha and national networks called CDUN(collation of drug users of nepal) and YKAP Nepal( network of young key affected population of Nepal).He is also one of the National focal point of Youth LEAD (A regional HIV network of young key populations in the Asia-Pacific Region). He recently got a Bachelor’s degree and currently studying for Master’s Degree in Tribhuvan University.

Since 2011, Maharjan have been advocating for the gender equality and needs and rights of young drug users and also directly working with young key population and non-governmental organizations which works with Drug Users and PLHIVs by providing comprehensive services and information like Oral substitution Therapy, Needle Syringe Exchange Programs, Crisis Care Center and Treatment and Rehabilitation.
E-mail: ishwor@youthrise.org

Catherine is an enthusiastic young African feminist, Lover of Life and passionate advocate for Women and girls health especially Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Catherine enjoys exploring and amplifying the convergences between daily lived realities of women and girls with local, national and global policies. Catherine is currently the Deputy Director at Dandelion Kenya and chairs the Women Global Network for Reproductive Rights Alliance Kenya (WAK), a network working towards reduction of maternal mortality attributed to unsafe abortions.Catherine has engaged with various global policy processes; International Conference on Population & Development (ICPD) Beyond 2014 review, Beijing+20 review and the sustainable development goals. Catherine sits on the interim steering committee of African CSOs Coalition on Population and Development (ACCPD), a coalition working towards full implementation of ICPD Program of Action in Africa and a member of the African Youth Task Force on Post 2015. Catherine also sits on the SDGs Forum Kenya steering committee, a knowledge Management and peer resource platform for CSOs undertaking the implementation of the SDGs in Kenya including provide technical and advocacy support to Kenyan Government. Catherine has worked to develop her skills in policy advocacy including joining the Kenyan government to the UN during CPD and UNGA meetings in 2015. Continue reading about Catherine Wanjiru Nyambura

Wiqas is a youth activist from Pakistan who is working for in health and education with a focus on young people to have access to all their rights including health, education, and enjoying a peaceful life. He started his activism at a very young age by joining the school scout team and volunteering with his village social organization Youth Welfare Society. He was the founder of “Human Resources Organization” and “Initiative for Youth & Sustainable Development.” Wiqas is the current Executive Director for the Initiative for Youth and Sustainable Development in Pakistan and is a part of several different international and national networks like Youth Peer Education Network, International AIDS Society, and Youth Rise.

As a researcher and activist Wiqas has presented his work at different international platforms like WYC2010, Women Deliver Conference 2013 in Malaysia, the International Congress on AIDS Asia Pacific (ICAAP11) 2013 in Thailand, and the International Aids Conference 2016.
Wiqas was also a participant of the creation of the draft of“ Khyber Pakhtonkhwa Youth Policy” in Pakistan. Under Chanan Development Association Wiqas has worked on several projects such as “UNFPA Pakistan, UNDEF, Y-Care, British Council, Oxfam Navib. He is also involved in cross border education and health initiatives with young people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also served in war zones like Urozgan and Qandahar working on GIZ IS & AUSAID Projects in Afghanistan and FATA, KP in Pakistan.
E-mail: wiqas@youthrise.org

Shaun is a youth activist from Zimbabwe who is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Shaun is actively involved in harm reduction initiatives, advocating for human rights, and researching issues related to HIV/AIDS. For his work on youth activism the International Aids Society named Shaun among the 25 youth ambassadors who were actively contributing to fighting HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe and the world. Shaun is also a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Business and Management and he has worked closely with organisations such as the International Aids Society, UNAIDS, Africaid Zvandiri and POZ on issues relating to research and advocacy. In his free time Shaun enjoys training young peer educators,running marathons and watching soccer.
E-mail: shaun@youthrise.org


Ailish is a feminist youth activist from Ireland who is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in politics with international relations and economics. Ailish is actively involved in a number of different activist movements centered around young people, such as the two recent high-profile referendum campaigns on marriage equality and abortion rights, as well as campaigning for measures to fight the homelessness crisis in Ireland. However, her work has a specific focus on problems faced by young people who use drugs in Ireland. She was the founding member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy in University College Dublin and her harm reduction work here has seen her take on an advocacy role with policy makers on a national level with politicians, and an international level at the UN.
E-mail: ailish@youthrise.org



Youth RISE  participated in projects, workshops, screenings and presentations in Thailand, Lithuania, Canada, Ireland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Nepal and Spain.


Youth RISE new brand and strategy is developed in order to reach out more grass-root communities.


Youth RISE gains UNODC consultancy status for developing Youth Friendly Harm Reduction toolkits and actively involved young people who use drugs voices for UNGASS 2016 through advocacy workshops and campaigns. Here you can have a link for UN on Drugs page


Youth RISE launches its new website and online drug policy courses for young people in collaboration with International Drug Policy Consortium


Youth RISE continues its collaboration with different UN and Civil Society members to bring out voices of young people and key affected opulation. Youth RISE deliver extensive peer education trainings, capacity building activities and youth drug policy work in 4 countries, Portugal, Mexico, Nigeria and Kyrgyzstan under EU funding project.


Youth RISE co organises the pre conference to the Bi-annual International AIDS conference in Washington DC and launches Youth RISE Nigeria to improve advocacy and program activities in West Africa


Youth RISE joins the UNAIDS Inter Agency Task Team on young people, contributing as experts on young people who use, supported and created two youth-led organization on drug use and harm reduction in Middle East (S.I.B.A) and Kyrgyzstan (Ganesha).


Launched our comprehensive peer education guide for HIV prevention, drug use and sexual health for young people.


Launch of the global “RISE UP for HIV prevention” project, funded by MTV Staying Alive Foundation to develop peer education based harm reduction workshops for young people around the world


The network is developed and grows to 200 members in 60 countries, and our our first International Working Group is formed.